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10926 Quality Drive
Charlotte, NC 28278



Gaudy & Co. is more than just a skincare and soap company—it’s an empowering journey toward healthier, radiant skin. Founded by Amanda Cuas, who personally battled eczema and other skin conditions, our mission is to create holistic skincare products that nourish and protect your skin.

At Gaudy & Co. we believe in individuality. Our handcrafted products are as unique as you are. No mass-produced formulas here! Whether you’re dealing with oily skin, sensitive skin, or simply want to pamper yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose Gaudy & Company?


  • Holistic Approach: Our products go beyond the surface to promote overall skin health.

  • Alternative to Commercial Brands: Say goodbye to generic skincare. We offer a refreshing alternative.

    ​Handmade with Love: Each product is crafted with care, ensuring quality and authenticity. 



So, join us on this beautiful skincare journey. Let’s embrace our uniqueness and glow together!  

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